An Energetic Keynote Speaker Who Connects with Audiences, Delivers Practical Know-How.

Monique is a highly sought-after speaker and expert who covers a range of topics related to starting and managing a small business, marketing for yourself and your business, and advancing your career. She has traveled all over the country to bring her message to professional and business associations, entrepreneur/start-up groups, industry conferences and events, and colleges and universities. With a unique presentation style that’s dynamic, energetic, and engaging, Monique is equally comfortable presenting to a small, intimate audience as she is on a stage in front of hundreds of people.

“Monique is incredible — the perfect speaker for any audience and a crowd favorite. She’s so much more than an amazing presenter; she’s engaging and memorable. I’ve asked her to speak at several events and she always exceeds my expectations.” Deena Pierott, CEO – Mosaic Blueprint


cnnMonique’s Hot Topics

  • Get Your Hustle On!  Get a Job, Build a Rewarding Career
  • Brand or Be Branded: Marketing for Yourself and Your Business
  • Your Cachet, Your Connections, Your Career: Personal Brand, Networking, and Mentoring to Advance Your Career
  • The Art of Networking: Get to the Right People Now
  • I Can’t Afford a PR Firm: Do-It-Yourself Public Relations for Small Businesses
  • Can I Really Do Both?: Balancing a Corporate Career with Entrepreneurship
  • Divas Doing Business: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About Being a Woman Entrepreneur


Recent Appearances

Organization/Event Target Audience Date Role and Topic
Digital Summit Marketing professionals June 2018, Portland, OR Speaker for “Personal Branding & Storytelling Go Hand-in-Hand” Session
Portland State University School of Business students May 2018, Portland, OR Speaker for “Get Your Hustle On”
Digital Summit Marketing professionals April 2018, Seattle, WA Speaker for “Personal Branding & Storytelling Go Hand-in-Hand” Session
Portland State University School of Business students May 2017, Portland, OR Speaker for “Get Your Hustle On”
Elemental Technologies/Amazon Web Services Employees of Elemental Technologies  

October 2016, Portland, OR

Keynote speaker for “Brand or Be Branded” for Lunch & Learn Speaker Series
Light Reading Big Communications Event Professional women in telecommunications industry May 2016, Austin, TX Opening speaker for Women in Comms luncheon
Portland State University Women in Engineering February 2016, Portland, OR Presenter for “Get Your Hustle On”


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